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Happy Ice, Los Aneles Premium Italian Ice

A Happy Story


Happy Ice


Happy Ice is an ultra-premium Water Ice product, made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist. It has the smooth, rich, creamy texture of an ice cream and the light, fruity flavors of sorbet and refreshing like shaved ice. Happy Ice is all these amazing product in one, without egg or dairy products of any kind.


The resulting combination is an incredibly delicious and vibrant explosion of colors and flavors that brings happiness to any situation. It’s also vegan friendly & contains no nut products, so nearly everyone can enjoy the incredible experience of Happy Ice.

Founder: Lemeir Mitchell


"Our mission is to be a driving force of happiness in every community we serve. Striving daily to be a company of purpose by always operating from the heart".

Happy Ice, Los Aneles Premium Italian Ice
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